OSMO Wood Filler - 250g

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OSMO Wood Filler - 250g
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The grain of a tree is a unique fingerprint of nature: The even and beautiful surfaces of Osmo Wood Filler preserve this individual character. The classic oak, the fresh maple, the warm, cozy tone from beech to birch. The fine Osmo hardwood types offer an extraordinary visual adventure for exclusive taste - for those who want to leave a permanent expression.

Wood Filler is a non-acryllic and water-based, ready to sand when dry, will not clog sandpaper and sands off like talcon powder

•Fast drying, approx 30 minutes,
•Multi-purpose: edge-filler, wood-putty, crack-filler and sanding-sealer all in one!
•Tools easy to clean in water
•Stainable, before or after application
•Heat-proof and Freeze-proof
•Won't shrink, crack, sink or fall out
•Indefinite life storage - No waste!

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