Treatex Oil Natural Clear 1 Ltr

Treatex Oil Natural Clear 1 Ltr Image

Treatex Oil Natural Clear 1 Ltr
Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural can be used in two different ways:

As a base coat which is designed to neutralise the colour change caused by applying Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear. To change the appearance of light coloured timbers such as oak as little as possible, brush (not roller) on a thin coat of Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural on to unfinished timber, before sealing with clear Treatex Hardwax Oil. Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural should not be used as a base coat on darker coloured timbers.

As a top coat on top of our Spruce Colour Tone. For a whiter white seal our Spruce Colour Tone with two coats of Treatex Hardwax Oil Natural.


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