EB EcoPro Lo Sheen 10 Ltr White

EB EcoPro Lo Sheen 10 Ltr White Image

Earthborn EcoPro Emulsion 10 Ltr White

In looks, it’s a smooth, low sheen emulsion, but in performance, it’s far more than that.

Ecopro Emulsion is the healthy, high performance alternative to conventional emulsions. Its colour range features both traditional classics and sassy contemporaries.

Being water based, breatheable, acrylic free and virtually VOC free, Ecopro Emulsion helps create a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

In use, Ecopro Emulsion has great covering power and is odour free. Once it’s on the wall, it provides a hardwearing, anti-static finish that’s very easy to live with.
• Traditional and contemporary colour range
• Low sheen effect
• Water-borne, acrylic free, virtually VOC free
• Excellent covering properties.
• Hardwearing surface
• Odour free, pleasant to use
• Breathable, creating a more comfortable living environment

Great for:
• all interior settings
• kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms
• newly plastered walls and ceilings

Touch dry 1 - 2 hours. Allow 3 - 6 hours between coats.

Drying time:
6 – 12 hours

Water, chalk, talcum, phosphate, methylcellulose, sodium hydroxide,
titanium dioxide, vinegar ester, pigments, 0.1% synthetic preservative


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